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Company Profile

Shanghai Zaike Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established in April 2019 in Lingang New Area through the investment promotion of Shanghai Lingang Government, and become a national high-tech enterprise in 2020, already owned more than 60 core patented technologies so far.

The company is engaged in the research and development, production, sales, project implementation, personnel training and after-sales service of intelligent industrial robot products and industrial application projects. With 6-axis 20-150 kg series of industrial robot products and more than 20 core patented technologies, it is the preferred alternative to foreign robot products in the application of domestic market. It has accumulated more than 40 core patented technologies in non-standard automation applications in high-precision and large-scale handling, loading and unloading, grinding and polishing, etc., and has completed typical demonstration applications in many industries and can be maturely copied.

From robot selection to project landing, Zaike is completely tailored to the actual situation of the customer's site, and provides one-stop service support for turnkey projects.


Enterprise Culture


u ZAIKE Meaning:

Carrying Dreams, Prospered the Country by Science and Technology.

u Company Vision:

To be the leader in the field of Intelligent Manufacturing in China.

u Company Mission:

To provide intelligent industrial robot products and the non-standard automation projects of its application.

u Core value:

To take responsibilities and benefit the society.

u Management Policy:

Law-abiding, Safety, Profitability.

u Company Philosophy:

Containable, Capable, Responsible, Aggressive.

u Competitive Advantage:

Self-owned brand, Core Patents, High Performance-price Ratio.

u Company slogan:

Doing a good job in every product and project, really to solve the problem of customer pain point.

u Company advertisement:

Zaike robot, Production line intelligentized!


Ø  2024

n   SRDI enterprise certification, enterprise innovation, brand promotion

Ø  2023

n   Zaike robot settled in the permanent exhibition hall of Lingang Industrial Zone; Integrated machine tool processing center, die-casting island, photovoltaic carbon fiber container application projects launched

Ø  2022

n   Market layout, Zhejiang subsidiary established; Pot grinding, intelligent textile factory application projects launched

Ø  2021

n   Industrial robot pilot run, design optimization, product and process finalization completed; Forging and new energy battery handling application projects launched

Ø  2020

n   Obtained national high-tech enterprise certificate; Industrial robot sample-making completed; metal tools and auto parts grinding and polishing, soft package handling application projects launched

Ø  2019

n   Company established; Team building; Robot development and the first grinding workstation application project launched

Ø  2018

n   The company prepared and conducted multiple rounds of investment promotion consultation and negotiation with the Lingang government

Ø  2017

n   The core team was one of the first to enter the field of domestic industrial robots to carry out the products design and non-standard automation robotic projects implementation.







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